About TecPart – Verband Technische Kunststoff-Produkte e.V.

TecPart is the representative of manufacturers of technical plastic products in Germany. For its members the association is active in public relations and political lobbying. TecPart supports its members to assure success in the global market and to benefit from the potentials of the plastics industry. .tt-preis

Our members are:

  •     Mainly small and medium enterprises
  •     Component and tier1 suppliers for the
        automotive, electrical and other industries
  •     Specialized in design, construction and
        manufacturing of technical plastic
        products and tools
  •     Injection moulding, thermoforming and
        other technologies

Services for our members:

  •     Regular meetings of expert groups
  •     Representative in exhibition committees
  •     Representative in projects of the European Union concerning research and
        development for small and medium enterprises
  •     Representative in the European Plastics Converters Association
  •     Public Relations and Marketing
  •     Cooperation with research and technology development institutes and
        other associations
  •     Promotion of apprenticeship programs in plastics manufacturing industry
  •     Facts and figures about the plastic manufacturing industry (statistics and
  •     Business support (e.g. benchmarking, analysis of economical structures)
  •     Support in technical questions (e.g. comparisons of energy costs)
  •     Support in questions of business connections (e.g. documented evidence
        of conformity, expertise on supplier
        contracts and quality assurance conventions)
  •     Consulting in questions of law (e.g. law of obligation, general terms and
  •     Workshops, seminars and conferences
  •     Publications: regular TecPart-Member-Information and mailings